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Psyche & Eros

written by

Dana Koellner & Casey Wood


After five years of work on this beautiful play, Casey and I have now completed the text and we are excited to begin the workshop experience. 

So grateful for all your inquiries on this project and looking forward to bringing it to life!

    Dana Koellner
  Artistic DirectorDana_Koellner.html
     Lori Stone
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GREAT NEWS!  We are looking for a larger venue for The People’s Theater!  Our focus at The People's Theater has been the revitalization of classic material presented in ways that create a new and deeper understanding of the greatest authors and plays throughout history. We have been in operation since January 2009 and have produced 13 plays within the last 16 months.Currently we are also seeking funding for one of the most profound and timely plays we have ever worked on, Henrik Ibsen's Enemy of the People.  The nature of the play, translated from it's original language and adapted by Dana Koellner, is an amazing work that speaks to the nature of politics and the moral dilemmas we all face as a common group of citizens. Wikipedia states about the play: An Enemy of the People addresses the irrational tendencies of the masses, and the hypocritical and corrupt nature of the political system that they support. It is the story of one brave man's struggle to do the right thing and speak the truth in the face of extreme social intolerance.This is a fantastic play and we personally feel that the relevance of this material will be extremely well received and exciting to all.   If you would like to contribute please click the Donate link.

 Thank you,  Lori & Dana

"There are a few times in one’s life where we are given the opportunity to change a person’s reality entirely. Now is one of those times. A dear friend of mine Dana, has brought the plight of one her life-long friends, Casey, to my attention. Casey has advanced breast cancer. She has holistically survived this phenomenon without the use of any western medicine for more than 6 years.  I have had my own personal experience with Cancer when I lost my grandfather in season 1 of Spartacus. I rest easy knowing that right to the very end, his quality of life was never affected and that he was surrounded by family who loved him. It is my hope that with your help, we are able to give Casey a home so that she is able to rest easy and tackle this disease head on. " 

- Leslie-Ann Brandt from Drift, Memphis Beat, CSI:New York


The People’s Theater

The formation of a long held idea.. a new home for our creative endeavors is launched with the hopes of continuously evolving ourselves and others through great writers, art, film, television & theater.

The People’s Theater is focused on living art in community on a daily basis. We create an environment where profound artists can experiment and explore the world of the author.  Personally it gives me the chance to bring as much of the writer’s world to life as I can through the writing, acting, music, dance, visual art and film.

We want The People’s Theater to be a home for regulars, both those with artistic penchants and those who want to experience something new. 

We hope to explore provocative ideas relevant to the times past and present.  It is modeled after the European cafes of my childhood and we hope you come often to think and enjoy work from many of  Los Angeles’ gifted and talented stars working in an intimate setting.

Dana Koellner

Artistic Director

The People’s Theater

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