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An Alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dana graduated with a degree in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures with additional concentrations in Shakespearean Theater and Eastern Religions.  Her professional career consists of film, television and theater projects as well as coaching & teaching.  Recently, she co-wrote and directed a very successful play at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland and directed a new multimedia play “Director’s Cut” at the John Raitt in Hollywood.  She is currently directing two television series and is also the Founder and Artistic Director at The Peoples Theater located in Santa Monica, California.

Dana’s career started in production at Roger Corman’s studios in Venice.  Her experience includes various positions over the last 12 years ranging from 1 to 27 million dollar budgets on projects that include: directing, development, screenwriting, budgeting, scheduling, attaching all levels of talent, financing, post-production and distribution.  Dana’s experience also includes 2D and 3D animation ranging from development /production/distribution and voice-over directing on television MOW/Pilots and Series. Dana owned her own company that produced and developed feature films and television series for Super RTL Germany and Hallmark Entertainment.  She also was the CEO and Development Producer for Stardust Entertainment Inc., creators and producers of the TV series “Stevie Stardust”  &  “Firewalls.”

Dana Koellner

Artistic Director

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As a filmmaker, I have discovered a process of communication with actors through Dana's guidance. She will be known as a teacher of actors who break barriers within themselves.

Dana continues to find ways to push herself as a director, that encompass the development of new lines of trust. She will be known for defining a new style of acting and her productions will feature this new style.  Dana is a myth-maker as well as an artist. She understands, perhaps it is better to put this another way, she feels the sensibility of the ancient world as though she is plugged directly into the past. To see her engage her mind in the thorniest of problems, such as to develop a new production of a tale from ancient Greece and communicate the intent, what the Greeks themselves call "The Argument," with passionate force and eloquence, is breathtaking. This is not simply passion, but deepest possible feeling for the work, an unusual level of committment to the fidelity of language and the complex nuances of storytelling.

-Bruce Cooper - Film Director & Screenwriter

Dana Koellner is one of the most supportive directors I have ever worked with.  Her script analysis is definitively profound.  She is quite simply, an actors director.  She explores the heart of the characters with deep precision, making the moment to moment work tremendously exciting.  Working with Dana is like going on the most fantastic adventure you could dream of.  It will always be my deepest pleasure to work with her.


Ellyn Stern - Actress  Eldad, Charlie’s Angels, Bushido Blade

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"From an actor's point of view. We need a Director To direct us! We need a third eye to see what an actor some times can not see. We need a director to keep a healthy balance between professionalism and fun,and above all we need a director to honor the story while supporting the actor" That's exactly what I see in Dana every time she works on a project.

Nick E Tarabay - Actor   

Crash, Spartacus, Sopranos, NCIS, CSI

I had the great pleasure of working in the Peoples Theatre production of  The Miser (playing the title role) directed by Dana Koellner.  Dana is an extremely gifted,  passionate director who deeply understands the actors process. This was extremely rewarding and refreshing to me as an actor. She is one who is gifted with wonderful insight, wisdom and patience, quickly creating a safe environment for  actors,  gaining their trust. Dana is interested in people more than concepts, behavior more than attitudes,  process more than results.  I cannot say enough about her wonderful gift  as a director.  I am looking forward to watch the evolving career of this wonderful,  gifted director in Dana Koellner.    

William Bower - Actor

Director, Dana Koellner, guided me to think outside the box and explore areas I had never thought of with one of my favorite roles, Janice, in the Italian American Reconciliation.  She has a voracious passion for theater which spills over into the souls of the actors she is working with.  It's wonderfully exciting!  Thank you, Danaand to the wonderful cast and crewfor a truly rewarding journey that I will always cherish.

Marisa Petroro, Actress

Dexter, Reno 911!, Deal Or No Deal, Desperate Housewives